Monday, September 26, 2011

Reason of Like

The things we do in everyday come with purposes,
When you have an Idea, you will have the Desire to fulfil it,
Set a goal to accomplish it,
So I think as for Love.

Like you
Just merely because the way you are.

Even I not sure about the uncertain right now,
But I'll uphold with my faith,
Because I know what'am I doing right now,
Is not a crush feeling because of the loneliness,
Or finding a person replacing the empty void,
Cuz you are the unique person.

From my point of view,
Being like someone is a gift for us,
Even that person can't be with you;
Cuz Love isn't bagging or trading,
It come through the feeling from both side,
And I do enjoy the feeling of like you.

If life being given a chance,
I do really hope can be the one to care you.

However,when you meet with another better person or someone you like,
I choose wishing you all the way,
Hope you'll be a happy and lovely girl.

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